Portable Solar Power Charge

ow in the next generation of design features, we’ve supplied these units to the military, universities, businesses, homeowners and to recreational users. If you want a quality portable power solution with a high quality solar panel then these units are a wise investment. Excellent for a laptop, communications, solar panel, remote field testing, surveillance, small TV/VCR, video recorders, work lights and for emergency power…literally hundreds of practical uses.

We have 100% customer satisfaction with this quality power unit. In fact, many of our customers start out with this unit and then purchase much larger power systems for their business or their home. This is a unit that you can rely upon, whether it’s for a critical Sat-com uplink, keeping your cell phone or laptop operational or providing emergency lighting during a power failure. They’re powerful enough to operate a desktop PC and monitor or a 3/8″ electric drill for short periods, as well as supporting smaller loads for longer periods.

For business, these units can help maintain necessary communications or productivity. For educators these are great for technology instruction.

For residential consumers, if you’re not ready to invest in a total-home solar powered system, or you only need a small amount of power, or you’d just like to get a little experience with this technology… or maybe you just want to play with it a little, then these are excellent devices with many practical uses around the home or for recreation.

We also believe this power unit makes a great gift, since it’s very affordable. So if you’re shopping for a unique gift for someone who likes high-tech devices, or that someone “who has everything”, then this power unit would be a perfect choice.


The Solar-PowerPAC is a lightweight (22 lbs.) portable or stationary, backup power unit that provides you with the type of electricity available from the wall outlets of your home (120 volts AC) and the type of power that is supplied by the battery of your car (12 volts DC).

The PowerPAC is a complete power solution offering you more features and benefits than any DC-only power sources or jump-start products available. It runs small appliances and equipment at home, in your office, vehicle, camper or boat. Use PowerPAC whenever or wherever you need 120VAC or 12VDC remote or emergency power. With its built-in utility light and 250 PSI air compressor this unit is extremely flexible.

Power DC or AC appliances. Just plug into the 12-volt DC or 115-volt AC outlets and you’ve got instant, reliable power. The built-in inverter allows you to run appliances with a wattage draw of up to 300 continuous watts. The inverter has a surge capability of over 500 watts. The inverter also features a low voltage alarm and low voltage shut-down if the battery runs too low. This protects your devices and the battery from being discharged too low.

The built-in battery has a 21 amp hour capacity and is charged using the supplied solar panel, your vehicle, the 12-volt battery charging outlet on your generator, or an existing AC wall outlet. You can inter-connect a larger battery or add another solar panel if you want more available power for remote uses.

This solar powered unit comes with a solar panel and simple wire kit for the input jack on the PowerPac, a very handy 5 watt 12v fluorescent light that’s integrated into the unit, a 12v cigarette lighter-plug charger cord, an AC power charger cord, battery jumper cables, clear carrying case and complete user manual. You can operate the power unit at the same time the unit is being re-charged by the solar panel. The internal charge controller can handle up to 40 watts with our solar panels (or max. 2.5 amps) of solar power. For remote uses you can put the solar panel in the sun to charge the battery while you’re using the power unit to provide all day power for small loads, or use the power unit separately, and then re-charge it with the solar panel or other AC/DC adapters. Very flexible!

Front Panel Detail
The unit’s front panel has dual 3-prong AC receptacles with ON/OFF switch, a 12 volt socket, digital display indicates the unit’s output power in watts and battery charge status (in percent full) and LED charge indicator for when being charged with the AC wall plug or a solar panel. The green LED blinks when being charged and turns to steady green when charge is complete and the battery is full. The unit also has over-charge and under-charge protective features.

Rear Panel Detail
The rear of the unit has convenient storage compartments for accessories and a charger input jack for the solar panel or when using the AC wall plug charger.

End Panels Detail
One end has an integrated 250 PSI air compressor, hose, valve w/adapters and pressure gauge. The air hose stores neatly in the base unit when not in use. The other end has an integrated utility light and Jump Start port for the jumper cables supplied with the unit.

This is an excellent high-tech, flexible, low-cost solar powered solution that we are happy to offer to introduce you to modern solar power technology. With the Solar-PowerPac you can have portable or stationary power for your home, recreation, emergencies, or during your important work

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